Lost Coast Forest Products is the Nation's Premier Producer of Packaged Firewood, Chiminea Wood and Kindling Products

The quality of our products and service has made Lost Coast Forest Products the best wholesale firewood dealer in North America. We offer bundled, boxed and bagged premium firewood, Chiminea wood and kindling products in a range of sizes. Nationwide customers count on us to provide consistent quality premium packaged firewood at a reasonable cost.

Premium Seasoned Firewood

Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience serving customers coast to coast. Lost Coast Forest Products is EDI integrated for easy ordering and tracking. We have several firewood production yards in the United States assuring a constant supply of packaged firewood products to regional and national chain stores.

Lost Coast Forest Products believes in protecting our natural resources. We use only raw materials harvested in an environmentally responsible manner from certified, registered state and federal harvest programs as well as private orchards. We maintain USDA certificates across the country and work with federal and state agencies to ensure minimal impact on our environment. Lost Coast Forest Products is USDA certified to ship into all quarantined areas including parks and campgrounds.