Lost Coast Forest Products Premium Holiday Products

Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones – 10 oz. Mesh Bag

Lost Coast Forest Products Cinnamon Scented Pine Cone Bag

Our premium Scented Pine Cones make a great addition to any holiday decor. The unique, carefully researched and blended proprietary fragrance is pleasant to both consumers and employees alike. This holiday scented product assists retailers in increasing sales as our cinnamon scented pine cones can be merchandised near the registers. You have the option of scented pine cones in gaylord pallet bins, or in self-merchandising cut-away cases. For added convenience you can mix both types on the same truck.

Cinnamon Scented Pine Cone – Cases

Lost Coast Forest Products Pine Cone Case Wingstack

Our pine cones can come in a self-merchandising cut-away case. Easy stack cases create a great promotional floor dlisplay. The small footprint of the quarter-pallet wingstack will keep your sales volumes high while using a minimum of floor space.

Cinnamon Scented Pine Cone – Gaylord

Lost Coast Forest Products Pine Cone Case Wingstack

In addition to the case, our prized cinnamon-scented pine cones can be sold in the 200 pack gaylord pallet.