About Lost Coast Forest Products

Our Company

Lost Coast Forest Products is North America's premiere producer of premium quality wholesale packaged firewood. We are headquartered in Columbia, MD and have multiple production facilities throughout the United States. Our company has many years of experience dealing with regional and national chain stores. Our commitment to quality products and reliable service distinguishes us as leaders in the packaged firewood industry.

Our Packaged Firewood Products

Lost Coast Forest Products is the only "coast to coast" packaged firewood producer in the United States. We offer Premium Firewood, Premium Hardwood, Premium Kindling and our Chiminea Wood. Our firewood is seasoned and dried for at least one season before being packaged to rigorous specifications. All products are cut uniformly, cleaned thoroughly, and packaged attractively. Our products are guaranteed to contain almost no moisture. Lost Coast Forest Products consistently provides quality, premium packaged firewood at a reasonable cost.

Lost Coast Forest Products supports environmental issues in the forest industry.

Our Environmental Policy

Our firewood products are only sourced from environmentally correct raw material from local and federally approved harvest plans. Lost Coast Forest Products maintains USDA certifications across the country and has worked with the government and environmentalists to ensure minimal impact on our environment.